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“For something a little different, part-sideshow, part-carnival wonder, Musée des Arts Forains houses

an incredible array of gone-but-not-forgotten theatre, fairground and music hall artefacts…”


What’s your connection to Paris?

My love affair with Paris began on a school trip

many years ago. I was far too young to really

appreciate the city at the time, but knew it was

a city I would visit again. Studying art history in

college gave me a wonderful excuse to visit The

Louvre on many occasions and now, while studying

wine, what better city to enjoy a glass? I’ve been

back twice this year already and am currently

wondering how I can manage to return.

What inspires you about the city?

It’s like no other city in Europe. Paris is romantic,

cultured, stylish and vibrant. On every corner there

is something beautiful to see.Whether that is a

café serving fresh coffee, an historical monument,

a beautiful public park or the incredible array of

art and sculpture you can immerse yourself in

throughout the city. The city doesn’t sleep when

the sun goes down, either. By night, the Eiffel

Tower sparkles and the city transforms into an

illuminated playground for night owls.

How would you spend an ideal day there?

I’d start with coffee and a croissant at one of the

many wonderful cafés. After that, I would while

away a couple of hours marvelling at the collection

in Musée Marmottan Monet. For lunch I would

head to Le Grand Colbert (rue Vivienne), followed

by a stroll along the banks of the River Seine,

which in summer has man-made beaches called

the Paris Plage. For a pre-dinner cocktail it has to

be The Little Red Door (rue Charlot), where you

choose your cocktail based on an artist’s sketch,

rather than the more traditional written menu. To

wrap up the evening, I’d head to Le Louchebem

(rue Berger), the renowned rotisserie, for dinner.

Tell us about Eat Drink Run Fun – what is

it and how did you get started with it?

It’s what I like to call my diary of life’s little

Rory Carrick

Writer, Eat Drink Run Fun


adventures. I had been studying for eight years in

a row part time while working full time and was

academically exhausted. Eat Drink Run Fun was

the creative outlet I needed to re-engage with my

passions for good food, wines and, of course, the

joy of running, which keeps the waistline in check.

What are some of your favourite running

spots in Paris?

You cannot beat Bois de Vincennes. As the largest

park in Paris, the variety of running routes through

it will keep you busy all day long. For a change of

scenery and a spot of sightseeing while you run,

the banks of the River Seine are a perfect choice. If

you are up and out early, try the route along Jardin

des Tuileries and Champs Élysées.

Can you recommend a favourite place to

eat in Paris?

On my most recent visit, I had an incredible

alfresco dining experience in Papillon on rue

Meissonier, close to Wagram metro station. They

offer a very reasonably-priced set lunch menu with

two or three courses and it’s well worth the treat.

What three things should visitors do on a

trip to Paris?

At the risk of being clichéd, you wouldn’t visit

Rome without seeing the Colosseum, so you

really can’t visit Paris without seeing the Eiffel

Tower. For a fun day out, a mere 40 minutes

away from central Paris, you can find yourself

in the land of make-believe in Disneyland Paris.

Finally, it’s a toss-up between a cruise on the

River Seine or sampling some of the Champagne

of Paris. As luck would have it, you can combine

them both and enjoy a Champagne cruise by day

or night.

What’s your best-kept secret for Paris?

For something a little different, part-sideshow, part-

carnival wonder, Musée des Arts Forains houses an

incredible array of gone-but-not-forgotten theatre,

fairground and music hall artefacts. It’s a truly

magical experience that will fascinate you from

start to finish.


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