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The smartest way

to find great clothes

The Chapar

provides your own personal stylist, at no extra cost, taking the hassle

out of shopping for good



Sam Middleton, founder of The Chapar,

says, “Men simply don’t have the time to

shop any more. They want to look smart

and stylish, but life gets in the way.

“That’s why we started The Chapar

– to help men find great clothes, be

that a smart new look for the office

or something casual for a holiday, all

without the hassle of spending hours in

a shopping centre or trawling online.”

Since its launch in 2012, the personal

styling service has made headlines in

business and fashion sectors alike as it

sets about revolutionising the way men

shop – or, more precisely, cutting out

the shopping bit altogether.

“All our customers are assigned their

own personal stylist,” explains Sam. “After

a short phone conversation, a trunk of

clothes, hand-picked to match your tastes,

preferences and budget, are dispatched to

either your home or work place.”

Customers then try on the clothes in

their own time – and are only billed for

what they like and keep. With delivery and

collection both free, there’s no reason not

to give it a go, according to Sam.

“Having your own personal stylist

will become like having your own

personal trainer,”

he says. “Sure, you’re capable of

doing it all by yourself but having an

expert at hand is more efficient and

you’ll get better results.”