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Inspire your business brain with these thought-provoking books



Alpesh H Patel

This is the true story following

the gritty reality of this maverick

businessman as he travels the

world looking for opportunities,

making mistakes and – sometimes

– getting it very right. Coming

from a wealthy Gujarati family in

Uganda, Alpesh is forced to leave

everything behind, fleeing Idi

Amin’s persecution in the 1960s,

to start again as a refugee in the

UK. He embarks on an incredible

business journey that takes him

from the streets of London to

Tangier, from Hong Kong to

Dubai and then back to mother

Africa.This is not a rags-to-riches

story. Alpesh talks openly and

honestly about the dark side of

entrepreneurship, and faces up to

the psychological challenges to

keep going, no matter what.


Published by Peshmode

Leader-Smithing: Revealing

the Trade Secrets of


By Eve Poole

’Leadership’ is in danger of

becoming a tired phrase in the

world of management. It may

sound cerebral and important,

but more often comes across as

static and trite. Which might

explain why so many ‘leaders’

feel like imposters; they may have

a vision, but the reality is daily

messiness, uncertainty and fragile

loyalty from team members.

Being an effective leader is about

the daily grind, and it can be

hugely rewarding if leaders are

realistic about the choices they

face. In many trades, mastery of

the subject can take a lifetime;

leadership is no different. An

apprenticeship approach can

breathe life into the development

of leaders, day in, day out.


Published by Bloomsbury

The High-Potential Leader:

How to Grow Fast, Take on

New Responsibilities, and

Make an Impact

By Ram Charan

Traditionally, leaders have

risen up through the ranks

based on their cognitive

abilities, analytical skills,

thoroughness, and even

perfectionist tendencies, but

as modern businesses have

moved to a more digitally-

driven model, the criteria for

leaders has markedly changed.

The High-Potential Leader

explains the modern business

climate, while highlighting the

critical role that relationship-

building, communication style,

engagement, and ability to

motivate and bring out the

best performance in others

play in becoming an impactful



Published by Wiley

Solving the Property Puzzle

By Gill Fielding

Designed to help aspiring

investors understand the market

from a professional perspective,

Solving the Property Puzzle


packed full of practical tips and

checklists. With step-by-step

advice on how to spot where

and what to buy, how to finance

property purchases and how

to make sure your properties

will wash their face through

any temporary downturn, the

book is a must-read for anyone

interested in investing in

property. Gill Fielding is a self-

made millionaire who bought

her first property at the age of

18. She developed a professional

approach to property investing

that eventually gave her the

financial freedom that supported

her family when she lost her

husband, Martin, to cancer.


Available from Amazon